Help! Exporting SVG files: Absolute vs Relative paths

Hi there,
I’m relatively new to Figma, and I’m trying to export SVG files with relative paths.

These SVGs contain vector illustrations from adobe illustrator. I grouped them to make small icons and then attempted to export them together in one frame as an SVG file.

However, these SVGs all contain absolute paths, but I need to use SVGs with relative paths.

Is this even possible with Figma?

@Nazifa_Tasnim I checked in with the support team about this (I’m not super familiar with the nuances of SVG exports/imports), and this is a feature limitation at this time.

SVG is an open standard, but applications have different interpretations of them. We try to align an SVG with what you might see in a browser like Chrome or Firefox, but Adobe has its own definition.

Can’t speak for how they interpret SVGs, unfortunately. It’s understandably a frustrating experience, but there’s no great way to have the paths translate between platforms at the moment.