Header Mega Menu Hover Component Not Working

Hi! I’m new to Figma and currently having struggle with the mega menu interactions.
So what I want to do is whenever I hover to one of the menu, a mega menu will show.
And I’ve tried it with the women section, it worked. But when I hover to the men section, the mega menu won’t appear. I’m confused with the component system cause I’ve checked and re-do the component system several times and yet it still won’t appear.

The flow on component that I did here is, creating the default and hover state, then duplicate it and make it as a component set (to try the women and men section). I did exactly the same flow from the women and men, but yet the hover state only appears on the women menu not the men. Can anyone give me any clue what I did wrong and how to fix it?? Thank you!

Here is the screenshot breakdown:

Here is how it needs to be:

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