Having Trouble Creating a Carousel

I’m having trouble creating a component of 8 images that rotate. I have tried everything I know how to do. I was able to get this to work with 3 images by making a component set, but for some reason Figma will not allow me to do that this time. Could someone help me fix this or explain it to me? If you see the file it will look like the 3rd version works, but what I’m having trouble with is having one component I can add to the screen below them.

Here is the file: https://www.figma.com/file/3ycxZSxvz7pq0N1vlhBeq9/Carousel-Help?type=design&node-id=1%3A157&mode=design&t=M8juJCOib3LHb1UX-1

Hi Brittany,
In the file there is “Flow 3”, can you check it? Is that you want to try?

Hi there, yes I’m basically trying to make flow 3 into something I can insert into a frame on my actual prototype. When I do it now it just copies and pastes the whole 8 screens and doesn’t embed as one image that you can click through (let me know if that makes sense). I was able to do this once when I made a component set, but when I do that now the interactions stop working.

I’ve created a new version for you. Take a look :slight_smile:
What I did…

  • created 8 variant component set for each image
    -made sure there was two images either side of the main image to ensure smooth transitions
  • utilised auto layout so everything is locked neatly into place
  • added the drag interactions as well as click interactions on the dots and images either side
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I left a comment on the figma file to say thank you, but just so glad you did this. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome!

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