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Global search similar to Sketch Runner or Apple Spotlight

I’m aware that Cmd+/ launches a search box, but it only searches through the menu and plugin actions. It would be great if there was a global search feature that helped navigate to not only these actions but also Frames, groups, and their contents, similar to Sketch Runner. I’m also aware of figma plugins that are capable of doing this, but I yet navigate to the plugin first — an unnecessary step that would be solved if this global search could be directly launched if supported natively, unless I’m missing something where shortcuts can be assigned to plugin actions.


Yay, Finally someone brought this up. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The most :tired_face: thing is with Cmd+/, the user’s focal point is always zigzagging back and forth, and before long your eyeballs are sore and mind concentration decentralized

I am fully aware that putting the menus atop the corner there makes the UI looks clean and effortless, good job on that! But please take this proposal into consideration from a psychological standpoint.

I thought it might have been a habit or personal preference kind of thing two years ago when I made the transition to Figma, so I ignored all my instincts and tried to get use to it, but nah :anguished: its just… it needs work.


For Mac and Alfred users there is a nice Alfred workflow.

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@kevindmello Might I suggest extending this idea to also encompass the searching for and execution of commands? That’s what makes Sketch Runner so powerful! For example, you can look for an asset and insert it into a page, all without leaving the keyboard.

This pattern also solves the problem with keyboard shortcuts – they can be hard to remember and with a limited number of keys, it’s also not a scalable solution.

With a Sketch Runner-like search, you only need to remember a single shortcut. One shortcut to rule all keyboard shortcuts.

This Github script shows only partial menu results for some reason, for example, searching the menu name of a plugin I have installed, it displays empty↓

I got rid of the "m " prefixion, but that wasn’t the cause.

So I figured that you can assign an application shortcut to Figma in macOS, pointing to the plugin of your choice, and it works as if a native feature despite a slight lag. Check the screenshot.

I did try Alfred but, if I understood it correctly, shortcuts like these are part of its paid features.

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My setting, that works for me. →

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Hey, @kevindmello , Here is the plugin that most recalls sketch runner for Figma.



:open_mouth: This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!… well, it comes close. It only works for local components, which I understand is a constraint of the Figma API, but still. I appreciate the share!

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YAY, This proposal is fulfilled! The gods have answered our prayers :partying_face: :confetti_ball: Good job everyone :raised_hands:

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xiaolaohu yyds!!!

I’d love for Figma to come up with a global solution to this. Having something similar to Sketch Runner would be incredible.

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Prayers answered🙏

Would still love the ability to navigate between different pages and files through this menu

Figma Walker and Butler are both unusable for the size of our document. Every request we tried just ended up freezing Figma.

It would be better if the @Figma team listened and actually implemented a Search underneath the Layers tab, exactly like you guys did in the Assets tab.

I find it puzzling that it isn’t already implemented, actually…

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