Get DirectionalTransition information via REST API

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to get the settings of an Interaction Animation via REST API. Especially the type and direction – as it is documented here Transition · Figma Developers as part of DirectionalTransition interface, but using the REST API.

The REST API documentation (Figma) says that only these properties can be retrieved:

  • transitionNodeID
  • transitionEasing
  • transitionDuration

And during my tests, I realized that transition type and direction are not being retrieved in the JSON response, so I suspect they are not implemented. Am I right? If that’s the case, would it be possible to add them? :pray:

Any help will be much appreciated.



There is any way to get transition direction and type using the REST API?

I suspect there are missing fields “transitionDirection” and “transitionType” that could be included in the JSON response in the same as “transitionDuration”, “transitionEase” y “transitionNodeID”.

I’ll look forward to your response.

Thanks in advance.-

Wondering also, if there is a way to get this info from API.

I agree, it seems this information is missing from the API and would be really useful. Not having transitionType is a killer for me at the moment as I’m unable to distinguish between navigation, open overlay & variant switching actions,