Gaps between objects in prototype mode

When in prototype mode, I’m getting 1px spacing between objects although there is no space between them in design mode. I’ve triple-checked that everything is aligned to full pixels yet it keeps happening. The object in question is set to fix position when scrolling, could that be the problem?
Screenshot 2022-11-07 114148

You may want to check if it is set to real size in your prototype, 100%

I did check and yes it is at 100%

Try using “clip content” property to hide it.

I have tried many ways and had no luck. the only thing that makes it not annoying is changing the prototype setting size. It seems this issue is related to different monitors and VGA processors.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 234723

I don’t understand how that would be related to what I’m describing. I did try though…

We are seeing this as of yesterday as well while on Windows viewing prototypes at 100%, or on Mac when filling the screen. There are gaps between components. We’ve checked and there are no gaps while editing, nor are there issues with transparency or feathered edges.

Good to know that I’m not alone.
It’s a very strange behaviour that is not consistent. Today suddenly the gap fixed itself before my eyes before reappearing. All without changing anything.

We also noticed some odd pixel lines showing up sometimes above components on Windows that randomly show up, seems to be related to the rendering issues with the gaps as the lines are above these gaps. For now, we’ve added background rectangles to hide the gaps to avoid conversations with stakeholders, but can’t avoid the random pixels from showing up. I’ve also opened a bug ticket on this with Figma.

I’ve also had to resort to digital Tippex to avoid issues. Not the best solution!