Frames inside Frames inside Frames and Grid Snapping

I have a Figma question: PLEASE HELP!!!

I have my main frame lets say a desktop and I have added a grid to it.

Then I create a frame inside the fame to make a card which snaps perfectly fine to my desktop grid.

But when I create a frame inside the card frame, it does not snap to the original grid created in the desktop frame. This is a bit frustrating, specially when you are trying to arrange things to the original grid.

Any tips or suggestions. Hopefully I explained it clear enough.

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. It appears you are looking to have nested frames snap to the layout grid of a layer that is two or more levels above. Regrettably, this feature is not currently available. You may need to set up a separate layout grid for each frame, as outlined here:

Alternatively, you might consider creating a new post to “Share an Idea” for a feature request. This could help gauge interest from other members in the community.

Thanks for your understanding.