Forcing prototype to 'scale to fit' by default?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to force a prototype to be viewed at ‘scale to fit’ so I don’t have to keep doing it every time I view it?

The issue I’m getting at the moment is when I view the prototype, it displays at 100%, which is far too large for the screen. I have to keep toggling the view to see scale it down. I don’t want to rely on my client to toggle the view. I just want them to view the prototype scaled to fit for their screen.

Thanks so much for your help.


The prototype scaling setting is embedded in the link. So you just need to copy the link and share after you set the correct scaling.

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Perfect! Thank you so much.

Hi there, I’m noticing a similar problem when using embed for a website. Even when changing the URL is defaults to zoomed in. Is there a way to get embedded prototype links to fit correctly?

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