Font variable

Dear Community,

I figma’s blog I have read an article about font variables, see here.
Since on my figma’s version it is not visible/enables.
Please advise, is it local update (maybe not availabe for my location). Or any info about it: have you used it, any alternative solutions etc.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Zhorzhik_Grigoryan ,

As Figma is predominantly browser-based software, which means it can be run on all full desktop operating systems (such as macOS, Windows, or Linux), as well as Chrome OS. You should see the new updates such as the Variable fonts.

To cover some basics, could you update to the latest version of your browser? We recommend enabling automatic updates to stay up-to-date.

The minimum browser requirements are:

  • Chrome 72 or later
  • Firefox 78 or later
  • Safari 14.1 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 79 or later

If you are using Figma on desktop, please try to uninstall and install again, you can follow the steps here:

Hope it helps!

Did I get you right?
Is it possible to set font size as number variable, right?

Variable fonts are not the same as typographic variable types.

Here’s what a variable font is:

And what you are interested in has not yet been implemented. Read here about what Figma is working on:

Thank you much for your reply. To clarify my question, I want to assign number variable to fontsize. I want to create Desktop, Tablet, Mobile modes, and make so, that titles in mobile will be in 24px, in desktop 32px. For exampe I have created number variables:

#title. Desktop:32. Mobile 24px

And then select a text in component and add #title variable. After changing from desktop to mobile, Title’s fontsize shold be changes from 32 to 24.
I hope I was able to explain my problem as clearly as possible and I would be grateful if you could help. :slightly_smiling_face: