Font rendering issue on interactive components

Hi everybody, please can you help me.

We are using the font ‘Oxygen’ on our designs. Everything seemed to be working fine until we started sending over prototypes for our devs to use. When our devs interacted with components such as buttons/rows with hover effects, the font would jiggle and be completely out of sync.

I have got in touch with somebody at Figma but they are not replying so I wanted to ask the community to see if anybody has ever come across the same issue and could help.

I feel like maybe it is a rendering issue? We are using a .otf font, we asked the devs to also download this font but it still isn’t working.

Now for some reason whenever I click into anything with the font, it changes the rendering of it ever so slightly. It is really stressful and we can’t release any prototypes until this is fixed so I really hope somebody can help!

Edit: I have tried to upload a video showing the issue but it won’t let me as I am a ‘new user’ apparently. If anybody knows a way to get around this so I can show the problem let me know.