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Font Installer Troubleshoot

I am having trouble installing a font from my computer to my Figma Browser based app.

When I click to install, the figmainstaller.pkg shows up on my computer and I follow the steps to install. However, once the “setup is complete,” I go back to Figma and nothing has changed, it still says “download installer” in my settings. I’ve included a screenshot of the “complete” screen.

I’ve tried logging in and out of Figma, restarting my computer, but no luck.

I have a Macbook Air, 11.0.1 and I use Chrome 90.0 (I’ve also tried with safari)

any advice? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.33.26 AM

Hello! Could you try with the new version of the font installer that we’re getting ready to launch soon: