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Font changed everywhere but not visible

Hello everyone,

In my company, we have a problem on our files especially in one figma file :
2 months before I arrived, one of our product designers had a missed font and I don’t know what he did but he replaced our standard font by another one, and now, it’s changed on the file but not visible.

Let me give you a screen to understand

As you can see, it says “Mixed”. But you can watch the screen it is only Circular. When I double click to edit the text layer :

It update the appearance with “Abel” font (we are not using this one).

How to patch this and replace all Abel fonts by Circular ?

Anyone knows ? :frowning:

It seems strange. Do you have any missing font indication?
If yes, you could try auto-replacing all font instances:


No, this is why it looks strange … If I had the missing font issue I can choose a font as replacement but no…

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