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Flows list in prototype only shows 1 flow "apparently"

I was stuck with sharing a prototype with multiple flows because my partners only could see one of them.
Now I discovered the divider between flows list and flow description is showing only one flow and I had to tell my partners they have to move down the divider to see all flows.
I think the divider line has to go down automatically showing all the flows, or show a scrollbar to say users “hey, you have more flows here”.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-28 a la(s) 11.04.58

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-28 a la(s) 11.05.29


Thanks for this. I was already surprised that my figma file with 9 flows was only showing 2 in the prototype flow list. @Figma_Support: maybe let the height of this list be defined by the content?


I think this one may be fixed. I have multiple flows in a file and I always see all of them.

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When a file has more than six flow starting points, then not all of those points are shown in the presentation sidebar. It is possible to resize the section “Flows” to accomodate more items, but there is no hint that any items are not shown.

If users are not aware that there are than six flow starting points, they will not think about resizing the section.

Possible solution A:
Either make section “Flows” scrollable and display a scroll bar

Possible solution B:
Increase the default size so that 6.5 items are shown - the haft displayed items will be an indicator, that there is more content than currently shown.