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Fixed Positioning Starting At Certain Scroll Depth (position sticky)

Would love to see this feature added!

Also desperately searching for this feature! I need it right now, today!

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Yes! this worked for me too—still a bit hacky with the scroll catching but good enough for a presentation. Thanks!

PLEAASSSE implement that feature


@FOX It’s incredibble, works good but i have an issue when i try to add links to the sticky bar, i’ts immposible any suggestion?

Is there really no response here from the Figma team itself? It’s one of the most requested features going and seems easy enough to implement.

It would be so useful ! I’d like Figma implement this feature too.

Please add this; it’s very useful and table stakes kind of functionality for prototyping. Thanks!

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Most of the top requested features here are HTML/CSS features that will be rather technically difficult for Figma to implement because Figma is built on a custom WebGL canvas renderer and not on HTML and CSS. Figma is well aware of these requests, but in conversations with them they have made it clear they don’t want to recreate all of HTML/CSS in the tool. They say it is because they want the tool to be for more than web design but in reality it is just too hard to do all of these features (I mean most of them apply to things other than just web design anyway).

In the future it is likely design tools built on actual web renderer will begin to sway web/product designers away from Figma as their UX catches up and more people learn about them because they have most of these top requested features available out of the box.

I created this “sticky” feature in a jQuery plugin and not only is it important to state when to start being “sticky” and a top/left offset but also when to stop being “sticky” and at what offset (when you reach the footer of the bottom of the section, for example).

These parameters would cover most situations.

Please do tackle this Figma, it’s very useful.

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