Fixed position scroll over top - nested for more layers

in another thread, I found an answer of how to use fixed position and have another frame scroll over top of it.

I would like to have another frame scroll over that one.

frame 1 (pink) (fixed)
frame 2 (blue) scrolls over frame 1, then frame 2 (blue) becomes fixed
frame 3 (green) scrolls over frame 2, then frame 3 (green) becomes fixed
and so on.

if you look at Island Records site home page, you can see what I am trying to accomplish:

I have figured out the first phase, but cannot figure out how to repeat.

thanks heaps!

This is not possible to achieve in Figma. You can vote for this suggestion: Fixed Positioning Starting At Certain Scroll Depth (position sticky)

Thank you for the response. I voted for the feature in the link you included.

Definitely a good feature for Figma to add. Seems it would be used a lot especially since it can be done in coding.

Will continue to work on a hack. If I come up with one, I will be sure to share!

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