"Fix position when scrolling" checkbox moved to Prototype tab

All was fine yesterday… but as I log in this morning- the checkbox has disappeared.

What’s going on?


Now the positioning settings are in the Prototype tab.


Absolutely ridiculous to move something without calling it out specifically in the UI, guys. If you move a thing, don’t hide that fact in a forum or a video or a friggin blog update.

Put a big bloody tooltip over the missing thing’s ex home and say, “hey, sorry, we moved this for exactly zero reason, busy professional, it’s now arbitrarily over here instead”


This just confused me as hell. One moment the checkbox was there, the next it was gone. And I still haven’t had the chance to go through new Figma updates. So yeah, confusion!
Was there a small popup somewhere in Figma explaining this that I’ve missed?


Yeah, for people who create tools for UX professionals, their UX can really suck.


Thanks for the feedback @Kelly_Ne & @Dan15! We’ll pass it along to the team for consideration when making changes in the future.


Hello guys !!! I would like to know the reason why I can’t see de option fix position when scrolling?

I spent an hour to find the solution to this issue, and it turned out they changed to the prototype section. It’s ridiculous!!!

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I was confused by this in this morning. This is not a good change for me as I use it every moment :frowning: Why did they hide it?

I uninstalled and installed again thinking my account had a problem, please Figma Team put the check box back gain. It’s not good at all to look for something that many users use.
Put the check box back again.

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does anyone else find this new placement extremely inconvenient? when I set something as fixed position, it’s not part of my prototyping workflow it’s part of my design workflow so now I constantly have to switch back and forth. please put it back!!

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Agreed. The original position is much easier to find

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Hey @William_Nguyen2, @carin.wave, @Oliba_Timothy_Triatrix, @Samantha_Pecan1 @Henry_Blakeney,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re so sorry for the frustration. We’ll pass along your feedback to the team to ensure potential disruption to workflows are considered when making changes in the future.

Hoping they take the feedback on board

1.select ‘tab bar’
2.'‘fix position when scrolling not showing’ is not displayed in ‘Constraints’ on my PC.

Me too, I try to find the solution to solve this problem.

I got it, it move to the prototype tap,

Same issue recently, even after making sure the parent frame is scrollable.

It shouldn’t be in the prototype tab! Not good UX just moving this around.


We hear you and we’re sorry for the frustration, @Lyle_K.

The team discussed a lot of different factors before making the decision to move. They anticipated that the move may confuse existing users, but ultimately, it made sense to keep scrolling options in Prototype, since scrolling and overlays are already there. It felt like an intuitive move considering anyone who hadn’t used it before may look in prototype settings.