Find & Replace Variables

Hey Figma People!

Does anyone know of a plugin that can search my entire Figma file and find & replace variables? I have tried a few shared in this forum and they don’t have the functionality I’m looking for.

The use case is this - I have a button that uses “Button/Accent/Secondary/Pressed” as the fill, I want to find all components that have this value and replace it with the “/Hover” variant instead.

Advice/Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @rollsmorr, Thank you for reaching out about this and sharing your use case.

As we await contributions from fellow members of the community, let me introduce a plugin. It may not be an exact match, but it might be reduce manual work for find & replace variables. If you have yet to try, you can give it a try here : Variables Pro | Swap, Import & Export Variables

Moreover, you are welcome to venture out and discover on your own at community
If anyone from our community has any suggestions or insights, please feel free to jump in.

Thanks once again for reaching out.