Find&Replace : replace in components first

When I use the find and replace feature (ctrl+F), the list shows all results no matter if they’re components, instances or else : they’re ordered the same way as layers.
It would make much mure sense to distinguish components from the rest and display them on top, so that we prioritize changing the text in components first.

Example : I have 1 component containing the word “Delete” and 20 instances of this component. In my file, components are at the bottom of all layers because they were created first. I want to replace “Delete” with “Archive”.

Expected result : the find&replace feature should make me replace “Delete” in the component first.
Actual result : components are not shown on top of the list and there is nothing to visually differenciate them. Therefore, I might end up replacing “Delete” in all 20 instances first and finish by replacing it in the component.

Have a nice day, thanks!

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