Find and remove places where a plugin has attached itself to a layer

Once upon a time, I was trying out the Gist plugin. As with many plugins, it can attach itself to layers in your document, as demonstrated here:

Unfortunately, after years of copying and pasting in the design system library I’m working on, these empty references to a plugin I no longer use are scattered around random layers.

How can I find these instances of this (or any) plugin, and remove them in bulk? Imagine being able to click that little “minus” button next to View documentation a few hundred times, without having to hunt each one down manually. 'm assuming a plugin (or snippet of code I turn into one) will be involved…

Hi @RobKovacs, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I understand that removing items one by one can be quite time-consuming.

Currently, it seems there isn’t a way to bulk-remove items added via plugins. I’m actively exploring our community to find a useful plugin that might help with this, but I haven’t had any luck so far. If anyone in our community has any suggestions or solutions, please don’t hesitate to chime in!

While we wait for more input from our community members, you might consider reaching out directly to the plugin author for assistance. You can find their contact details on the plugin page under the “Support” section.

This sounds like a great feature request! Please remember to cast your vote if you’re excited about it. If anyone in our community also needs this feature, show your support by voting it up.

Thanks again for your valuable input!