Files deleted

A few days ago almost all of my design files in my account were deleted. How can I restore them?

I never deleted them and other people who have access can still see them so they seem to still exist somewhere

Hi @Fabian_Kremser, Thanks for reaching out about this! As you mentioned, if other collaborators can still access those files, it seems like the files have not been deleted.

Could you try locating the file links and see if you can open the files from those links?
You may find the URLs in your web browser’s history, previous conversations, or in the “File > Recently Closed Tabs” menu in the desktop app.
Also, please ensure that you are logged in with the correct account. You can check the details here: My files are not opening

If you are unable to open the links, is it possible for you to contact the file owner or collaborators who can still access the files and check the permissions to ensure you can access them? You can check the details here: Guide to sharing and permissions

Also, please double-check in “Drafts > Deleted” and use the filter ‘Created by: Anyone’ to see if those files appear. You can check details here: Delete and restore files

If you have access permissions to those files but still cannot see them, I recommend reaching out to our support team. I know you already contacted but this time please use this link:
When reaching out, please make sure to use your “Figma account email” and provide “the URLs of the deleted files”. This will assist our support team to take a closer look.

If anyone from our community has any additional suggestions, please feel free to share here.
Thanks again for reaching out!