File Thumbnails are rendering in consistently even when they are built from the same component

Currently have several files using a cover sheet component which are all rendering correctly in the dashboard, but recently the exact same component is getting cropped in different Figmas. Ive tried turning on and off ‘set as thumbnail’ but can’t figure out why this is happening. I copied and pasted the cover frame/component from the project on the right to the one on the left, no other changes were made. Why would they be cropping differently?

The right side file isn’t actually showing any thumbnails.
Figma will take a screengrab of the first page of your file and set that as a thumbnail. In your case, this just happens to be the page where your thumbnail component is located.

Make sure to put that component into a frame, right click, and then set as thumbnail.
You might need to refresh your Figma to see the new thumbnail, it doesn’t always render right away.

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For what it’s worth, I had this issue with a file last year and I could not resolve it. I’d been (and still do) setup every file the exact same way, with a thumbnail component in the first page, set to 0,0 location, with the canvas background matching the thumb component background, and yet this one file had a cramped thumbnail in my file list (like your’s on the left). Eventually the project that used that file ended, and I was able to archive (aka. move to my Archive project) the file and forget about it haha.

All this is to say that I can’t help and you’re not alone.

That worked, thanks!