Figma Variables won't work in Mobile Mirror App

Hello Community,

Sorry for any possible mistakes, since english is not my frist language. Anyways, here is my problem:

I have been working on a mobile prototype in Figma for some weeks. The prototype includes a bunch of interactions, which use mostly string or bolean variables. It works perfectly fine on my desktop app. However, when I use the Figma mirror app (mobile phone) to test my prototype fonts break, content based on string variables won’t show at all, component states are displayed incorrectly. In short – it’s a mess.
I wonder if the mirror app can keep up with all the new prototyping possibilities or something is wrong with my file.
Does anyone have experienced similar problems? Or do your prototypes work on your Figma mirror app?


Hi Nicole! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with Mobile Mirror App.

For issues with the mirror app, could you try the following steps, as these seem to clear most problems:

  1. As you’re running into issues while previewing, you may need to force quit the app and restart it on your device. (Log out of Figma on both the mobile app and your desktop browser/app.)
  2. Restart your phone to clear the app cache.
  3. Clear the cache in your browser or the Desktop app (You can clear the desktop app cache on a Mac in the Help menu under Troubleshooting, and on Windows under the toggle-arrow at the right of the top toolbar under Help > Troubleshooting).
  4. Login into both the desktop app/browser and the mobile app using the same account and check to see if mirroring is improved.
  5. Make sure you’re using a supported device. We also often find that updating your OS can help improve how well the app runs. If you can update your OS, we’d suggest doing so to check if this helps.
  6. Make sure you have selected a top-level frame to mirror to your mobile device

If problems persist, we recommend uninstalling the app and downloading it again. Find the Figma mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Still, if you’re still having issues, you can get help from the Figma Support team by filling this form (and please mention the steps you have done): here.
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include links to the file, and share it with so we can try to replicate.