Figma site or app doesnt open up when using Firefox


I recently started using Firefox. However, ever since, Figma steadfastly refuses to open. Whether the site OR the desktop app, none of it works. While the site I can access using Chrome but it just won’t work on Firefox and the app stays blank. See screenshots below. Note: am also using Dark Mode plugin for a11y purposes.

Any help or suggestions?

Since I can’t upload multiple images, showing 2 windows in one screenshot. At the back is Firefox which Figma doesnt go beyond that blank screen. The bottom right shows the desktop app which doesnt work either.

Thank you!

Hi @Desai_Kinchit_Operations_Techn,
It seems like you’re facing an issue with Figma not working properly on Firefox, and the desktop app is also showing a blank screen. Here are a few suggestions you can try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Clear Browser Cache:
  • Clear the cache and cookies in your Firefox browser. Sometimes, cached data can cause issues with web applications.
  1. Browser Extensions:
  • Disable any browser extensions, including the Dark Mode plugin, and see if Figma works without them. Some extensions may interfere with the functionality of certain websites.
  1. Incognito/Private Browsing:
  • Try opening Figma in an incognito or private browsing window. This will ensure that no cached data or extensions are affecting the site.
  1. Browser Updates:
  • Ensure that your Firefox browser is up to date. Outdated browsers may not be fully compatible with the latest web technologies.
  1. Desktop App Updates:
  • If you’re using the Figma desktop app, check for updates. Make sure you have the latest version installed.
  1. Security Software:
  • Check if any security software or firewall settings on your computer are blocking Figma. Temporarily disable them and see if Figma works.
  1. Browser Compatibility:
  • Confirm that Figma officially supports the version of Firefox you are using. Sometimes, certain features may not work as expected on specific browser versions.

Remember to re-enable any security features or extensions after testing to ensure your overall online safety. If none of the above suggestions resolve the problem, contacting Figma support is your best option for personalized assistance.

Thanks @uipastel for the quick reply.

I’ve already done #1, #4, #5, #7
#2 I don’t want to disable Dark Mode coz I have that as an a11y requirement.
#3 is not useful as its not conducive to not have history to be able to go to quickly.
#6 can’t be a reason coz our org is using the same security as before so nothing there should impact.

Here’s the kicker. Figma’s site in general doesnt work very well on Firefox :smiley: .

I’ll post an update once i have done those checks at my end. I’ll also reach out to support now to see if they are able to help.