Figma should have input type forms

When it comes to real-interactive prototypes then input-type forms play a big role. This is a screenshot of an app/website called “Framer” which is a competitor of Figma, and to be honest, its interactions are better than Figma it has all the features like:-

  1. Google maps integration!
  2. We can embed any tweet, Instagram post or FaceBook post in it
  3. A slideshow where we have to just place our images and it will work
  4. We can add any Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud or any local mp3 in it.
  5. It has a working input type form template we can just type and it will work

I doubt Frames is a direct competitor, it’s a completely different type of tool. It outcomes working websites. It’s some sort of no code editor, not even close what Figma offers. And it is not only far more advanced but it is far more complex to master.

I agree that it is more advanced and complex but we can actually make designs on it. Like it is mainly used for making working website but we can make a design on it and export it to Figma or even we can export it to HTML…

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