Figma ran into a problem showing when I open the figma file

I tried to edit the component in file and the memory displayed red error ‘Not enough memory space’ something like that. After that I can’t open it show only error.

How can I solve that because this is my customer file and need to send the final project soon

Hi there!
Sorry to hear this is happening! Please reach out directly to the support team here:
Please include a direct link to the file, and invite with “can edit” permission. They can have a deeper look into what’s causing this.

@fon1 did it solve the problem for you?

We are unable to open the file @Celine_Figma. Cannot give edit access without it being opened.

Got it! Please just reach out to the support team with the link of the file, so they can have a deeper look on our backend here:… Thank you!

In case there were people ran into the same problem. I changed my web server from Safari to Chrome and the file became available again!