Figma preview don’t show my work

Hello everyone, I am new with Figma but I was working with Adobe XD for a while, i just made a desktop website design but when I clicked preview it showed just white bord without showing my design. How can fix that?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out and starting to use Figma. I understand it takes a while to get ‌used to it. When it comes to prototype, are you using a frame for the design? If you use rectangles or other shapes instead of frames, it won’t appear in the prototype. So, I’d recommend to go to this article first:

If you have further questions, please feel free to let us know with screenshots including layer panel that you’re using if possible.

I hope it helps!


I create a desktop frame first, then I start add my design to it (rectangles, images, icons,…etc). The problem is I didn’t create any prototype I just wanted to see hod the design looks like in a devise, but nothing appears at all just white board. I used to do this on Adobe XD but I don’t know why it’s show nothing

I see. Would you be able to share the screenshots of your frame and layer panel?

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