Figma plugin publish to organization


I am a new developer for Figma plugins. I referred a Figma plugin from github. I created my own plugin referring it. I wish to use this plugin in my company only. Not to external world, I mean public community. Because, this plugin will have our company data. When I tried to publish in, it says, you don’t have permission to access this resource. Not sure what resource I am trying to access. If I create a helloworld plugin, I can easily publish it. So is it because the github project referene is causing the issue?

@tank666 do you have any suggestion?

Hey there, when publishing a plugin, you can use the Publish to setting to choose whether to publish the plugin to your organization or the Community.

  1. Open the file browser in the Figma desktop app.

  2. Click on the account switcher in the top-left corner and select Plugins.

  3. On the Plugins tab, Figma will load any plugins you have In development.

  4. Click on the plugin you’d like to publish and select Publish from the options.

  5. Complete any details including the name, icon, cover art, and description.

  6. Select Organization name to share the plugin privately within the organization.