Figma Mirror is not working on iOS 16

Neither the app nor the browser view work on iOS 16.


Since I updated to the IpadOs 16 beta I can no longer view the projects in figma. I enter my account without problems but it does not view the projects. I tried it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and from the Ipad App and I can’t see the projects

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Same. Figma, Figjam doesn’t work in app or safari. It keeps saying file is too big.


Same here and can’t use mirror anymore. It also says file is too big and can’t load prototype whenever opening the file on mirror. Pls fix this error ASAP the team!!

Confirmed ;(

I can’t use it on iOS 16 dev beta. I confirmed the message “This frame can’t be opened on mobile”

Same issue here :confused:

Hi all, we’re aware of this issue and it seems to be a bug on the Apple side. We’ve informed them of this and are hopeful it will be fixed in an upcoming release.

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Hopes were not justified (((