Figma library doesn't update

When i click Update all, nothing happens.
I cant use the component either, then it gives me an error with "Cannot read properties of bull (reading ‘fileUpdateRequired’)

Anyone knows how to fix this?


Can you give it another go through browser? Specifically with chrome - if you have.

Already did :frowning:

I have a similar issue. I have a Library file, and when I pull some components from it on another file, it also says “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘fileUpdateRequired’”. I have pushed all the necessary updates from the Library, there’s nothing left to update. I use the desktop app, my Internet connection is stable. I reproduced the same problem on a colleague’s computer.

Anyone can help us fix this?

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I figured out if you open the Library Figma file and just use CMD+C and the CMD+V in the file where you want to use the component it fixes the issue. But only for that specific component. I have 300 components… Sooo, this is more like a quickfix… I guess the error happened after the last update

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I had the same issue but I think one of the following fixed it:

  • Making an arbitrary change in the library file and publishing/accepting updates again
  • Removing a component with a duplicate name from the library file

My guess is the first one that fixed it.

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I just had the exact same error showing up.
After making some more random changes to the problematic component - it now works again.

So thanks @James_Mitchell and I’ll just confirm that your first suggestion worked for me too

Same bug happened to me.
The change i did in my file was to add a variant to a component that had none initially.
I removed the variant from the set and placed it back in, updated and published and that did the trick.
Really weird bug


This one worked for me. I just did cut, paste the same variant in same place. Thanks @Achille_Perrin

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Just commenting to +1 this issue (don’t see any other way to do that)

FileUpdateRequired: Can’t put instances on the canvas
2022-11-29 3.25.00 PM

OK, this was solved by re-publishing the library.