Figma Icon Explainer needed

I am new to Figma, which is okay for me, I usually find my ways.
However I have imported a sketch file and some of my shapes/paths/vektors have vanished.
So I try to clean up the mess, but, there are some symbols in the layer panel that I cannot read.
Now for me to be able to search for any solution, I would need to translate Figma-Icon to English, right?
So I tried, but:
There is no tooltip.
The related objects names are just inherited from sketch so no help either.
Good old F1 doesn’t Help in the Figma Desltop application.
I also checked the learn Figma pages but cannot find anything on those icons.
And I tried googleling but didn’t find anything related.

So is there any kind of Figma-hyroglyphs to english enzyclopedia/help page? Prettyplease :slightly_smiling_face:

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The above resources do not represent all existing Figma icons, but feel free to ask here.

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