Figma glitch: Style text weight changes from regular to bold irreversibly and breaks all links with font style

Did anybody face a problem when one day you find your font styles broken (in my case regular font-weight turned to medium weight automatically) and all links with these styles ruined?
How did you solve the problem?

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This totally happened to me too. Not sure why. I couldn’t fix it so I just created another branch and redid the work in a clean copy.

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I just noticed this behavior and it looked as if the font-weight shifted to a more standard weight as I was using an odd weight. The equiluminant of 900 and I was under the impression that this may be a non-standard font-weight which in some fonts may be unsupported.

I’m interested in understanding why this may be happening as well.
Sep-30-2022 14-00-31

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This just happend to me. Completely destroyed my document. There goes my afternoon

I figured out the source in my case — a slip of the keys.
I accidentally pushed command + B while I had a section selected. I undid it by going to all boards and pressing command + B

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