Figma Export adding additional text

Hello there,

I have a component image with a set of variants, but have an issue when Figma Export
it seems to be adding additional text as a prefix, how do I remove / stop this?

the bit it bold is being added, no idea why


Hi @Kieran_Kelly

Export instance of your component’s variant instead of the component’s variant itself

the par you put in bold is the name of the variant inside your component, which is created according the component definition

i.e : a component button with one variant : type = primary and secondary
the variant’s layer name would be type=primary and type=secondary

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Thanks @Haroll , thanks for the Reply!

Essentially the problem is, I do not want Figma Export to ever show

This is due to a conflict with our internal filenaming convention (Games Studio).

I have a work around, I am just going to use a third-party plug in called Frame Exporter