Figma connectors not snapping to objects

Figma connectors are no longer snapping to any objects, i;ve been using them all day and it’s been working fine and suddenly just stopped snapping to any object

This also just happened to me! Did you find a solution?

This also happened to me and it was very frustrating until I noticed a transparent object was on a layer above the item I was trying to connect to. Once I locked that/shifted it backwards, I was able to connect to the object I needed. I know this is a later response but I hope this helps someone!

Unforch no resolution, I was able to recover the functionality very randomly (just restarted a few times over a couple days)

Connecting lines are tied only to the center of the figure. This is very inconvenient. Please return the previous functionality.

Hey Gulya,

Thanks for reaching out about this! We can’t seem to reproduce this behavior. Are you able to share a link to your file?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Connector lines won’t move where I want them to go, they randomly fly all over the place have no proper dragging functionality. I can’t snap them to anything that I want to snap to, they just go wherever.