Figma colours don't match web/export

The designs within Figma are bright and pop, but after converting to HTML and using the same hex codes they look faded and washed out.

Is there a workaround? Is this related to color profiles?

Left shows Figma, right shows HTML. Note the background colours and fonts don’t look as bright

Help!! Just looking for the web to pop like the figma designs =)

Were you ever able to solve this? I am seeing the same issue.

Dave you may want to try switching to sRGB if you’re using the desktop app. Other than that, I think differences in color appearances are normal between browsers but I’m not very knowledgeable about such things.

Same issue here (whatever we’re in sRGB or Unmanaged in Figma)
Did anyone fix the issue?

We’re thinking about different hexa between figma and web, using tokens as common language

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Anyone still wondering, I had this problem and I did screen grabs of how it appeared on Chrome and how it appeared in Figma, imported the images to illustrator and compared ink dropper values. Someone above said rgb might work better than hex and for ease of what illustrator offered, I got rgb values for how the colours appeared in figma and slotted those into css. Now the colours rendered on chrome are a much better match for how they look in Figma.

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Same problem, except for me the colors are different inside figma as well. I am using an sRGB profile as well.