Figjam Template Improvements / Feedback

our design team frequently work with the User Journey Map template in the app. The range of features within the product is impressive, however, we have identified some areas for improvements that could enhance the utility and performance of the app.

  1. Dynamic Addition of Rows and Synchronization of Notes:
  • Current Issue: We encountered an issue where notes already posted do not synchronize when we add rows to the table.
  • Suggestion: It would be beneficial to have a feature that allows us to group or ungroup specific notes with the frame of the table, giving us the flexibility to move notes around freely.
  1. Adaption from Miro’s USM Template:
  • Current Issue: The current template lacks a feature that automatically shifts all other associations when a task is added in between.
  • Suggestion: Similar to Miro’s USM template, we believe it would be very convenient if the tool could shift other linked tasks automatically when a new task is added in the middle.
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Hiya @kazuki_ikeda_J – thanks for the feedback! I’m actually retitling your topic in the hopes to create a more broad FigJam template suggestion thread.

At the moment, I don’t have any specific info to address your points, but this will be left open for others to vote on and/or provide additional feedback or suggestions for you.


Thank you for your response. I believe that the realization of these functionalities would truly delight our team members. We are looking forward to seeing them implemented.

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