FigJam Search for custom component stickers

Question: Is this a known limitation? Are there ways I can improve my library that would help in this case? Or anybody that has found a plugin/widget that works better than the default FigJam gallery?

The Sticker search in FigJam seems to work very poorly for my custom stickers (it seems to have gotten worse recently, but that could just be my perception). I have a custom sticker component library with 1000+ components and many variants, organised in categories (pages), they all have clear names and properties: They show up just fine when I select that library, but of course that has no filter on name/category/description. When trying to use search, it doesn’t find all my stickers, it even depends on which file I’m in. I have tried searching on name, description. Typically I find just a (very) small subset of what I should see, but this can differ significantly in different FigJam files (in the same team even).

Any tips? Thanks! :slight_smile:


FigJam sticker search seems to be broken for custom components → Received a message that the bug was forwarded to engineering.

Custom stickers don’t appear in search, unless sometimes, if they are already used in that file. Browsing the library and using stickers works just fine.

If anybody has some kind of workaround for this, I’d love to know!

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