Feature: "Sub-branches" Creating a branch from a branch

Not the best name I know, but I need the ability to create a new branch from another branch.

Right now I have a Main Figma file with my main Product flows and a design system (library) that powers it. I create branches from the main file to derive the main UX, flows and screens from the main file but with some customisation for each client I have. The branches are exactly what I need - these are my draft (WIP) files. But…

For handoff it would be awesome to have the Final versions for each client, that way developers and stakeholders can view the latest work and implement (without any sudden changes) and I can also present to stakeholders with confidence that the FINAL work is not going to be messes with by me or any other designers.

But at the same time, if there were sub branches it would make it SOOOO much easier to update the sub-branch figma file with the updates coming from the branch/parent file without having to manually select frames and paste them in separate files.

Pretty please, Figma?
cc: @support @figmates :raised_hands: