Feature request: Share Frame with unique ID

Current situation:

If you share a link to a frame or embedd the frame let’s say in a Jira ticket and then during the process move that frame from one page in the Figma file to another page, all links will be broken.
And as there is no insight where you or to whom you have send those links – I can become a mess.

Sure you could set a don’t move frames between pages rule in your workflow, but there might be always the What if someone still does is?.

Therefore, would it be possible to @figma to give every frame a unique ID which persists, even if a frame is renamed or shifted to another page?

Frames have a unique ID.

How do you move a frame from one page to another: using the “Move to page” or “Cut or Copy › Paste” function?

If the former, then all your links will work as before. If the latter, then the frame will be assigned a different ID, and therefore your links will no longer lead to the frame you need.

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@tank666 thanks for your reply.

This totally makes sense and works as expected.
It was just a bit too early in the morning to think about this kind of behavior.

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