Feature Request: Perspective Transform for Objects and Frames


  • Creating shapes in perspective is very difficult in Figma.
  • Perspective drawings are useful when documenting layers and diagraming

Add the ability to transform shapes and frames in perspective via a new tool, or new transform tool settings.

  • Option dragging a corner should affect the opposite corner
  • dragging an edge should move all points on the edge

This GIF shows the speed at which perspective can be applied to a shape in Illustrator vs how it is done in Figma. Note that both clips have been adjusted to 60 seconds, but it took twice as long to accomplish the same result in Figma as it takes in Illustrator.

trasnform-perspective_Figmavs Illustrator

How are others currently solving this problem? The Warp It plugin is one potential solution, but it takes too much time and misses the ability to edit on canvas in context.


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