Feature Request: Freeze Frames

The Feature:
I propose the addition of a “Freeze Frames” functionality within Figma. This feature would allow designers to freeze frames, preventing them from updating automatically when new components are published or changes are made in the design system.

Use Case:
There are scenarios, such as approved designs or specific sprints, where it is crucial to maintain the integrity of the design without unintentional updates. Currently, when a design component is modified or published, all instances throughout the project are automatically updated. While this real-time sync is usually beneficial, it can be counterproductive in situations where the design needs to remain static.


  1. Preservation of Approved Designs: Designers often need to present and share approved designs with stakeholders, clients, or team members. By freezing frames, designers can ensure that the design remains unchanged, preventing any unintended modifications that might occur during the iterative design process.
  2. Workflow Efficiency: In fast-paced development environments, freezing frames would allow designers to focus on new iterations and future designs without worrying about unintentional updates affecting their current work. This feature would provide peace of mind, enabling designers to proceed confidently with their ongoing projects.

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