[Feature Request] Create version based URL

Is it possible to generate Figma URL based on version. I want to publish a version of Figma designs for any changes withing team.

Hey there, so it’s possible to share a URL from your version History. Open your version history and copy the link.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 09.28.04

Hi Gayani Thank you for responding on this. Do we have some improved feature like : Publish kind of option and so the published URLs (version) will be shared with team for reference. And whenever changes happen in designs, a new published URL having the version number/name will be used.
ex: https://www.figma.com/proto/abcdef/**Release1_Feature1_V1.0,**

Hey @Tunuguntla_Rajyalakshmi! I’m stepping in for Gayani on this one – it’s not currently possible to create a custom (or vanity-type) ‌link that would help identify changes.

What I’ll do is convert this topic into a “share feedback” one so we can have others vote on if they’d like to see this become a feature.