[Feature Request] Allow spacing input field for unevenly spaced objects

Hi @Figma_support

Issue If you choose unevenly spaced objects, Figma doesn’t allow you to enter a numeric figure to evenly space these. It does if the objects are evenly spaced though.

Example Let’s say you have 3 objects on the canvas, each at different distances from each other and you want to set the vertical spacing between each object to 32px. You need to evenly distribute the objects first then then set the 32px spacing.

Solution Cut the need to evenly distribute step by adding horiz and vert spacing inputs fields when unevenly space objects are selected.

Mock up

Thank you!

Hey @Gregory-Clever-Starfish! I see what you’re saying – I’m editing your topic a bit to help get this in front of more people (in case they’re looking for something similar).

No alternative I can provide at the moment, but this should help the feedback train get moving :grin: