Feature Request: Allow for text to be written along a curved path

Hi. I have stopped using Photoshop and Illustrator almost entirely since I discovered Figma. However, there is one thing that I cannot do which is absolutely necessary when trying to design logos or illustrations and that is the ability to write text over a circular or curved path.

In Photoshop this is done simply by selecting the text tool and then clicking on the stroke of a path or shape. It would be extremely handy to have a feature similar to this.

Thank you for your continuous support to the design community!


Agree! It would be super helpful to have this one in future updates.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass this along to the internal team. We really appreciate your voice and we hope we can improve the product in the future.


Yes! Its about time Figma rolled out a curve text feature (along path or as per %), so that users don’t have to depend on plugins for such basic functionality.

Modifying typography is pretty essential, when designing web pages or mobile app experiences!

It would be great to have possibility to create curved shape with the text directly in Figma :pray:t2:

This would make my developers miserable. I need this feature yesterday :smiling_imp:

Ditto. Text to path would be gravy.

It is indeed a pretty basic feature that Figma doesn’t have, and plugins are not really working as expected ( not editable in real time, letter spacing, font type, etc,…)

I second this feature request. Being able to write along path should be a built-in part of Figma. We shouldn’t need to resort to (sometimes buggy) plug-ins for such a basic feature.

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Please please please please do this… I’m a Video Game UI designer, and this keeps us from fully switching to Figma. Photoshop and Illustrator are essential for us just because of this small feature. But I believe a LOT of companies would fully embrace Figma if you integrate this… Current plugins are destructive and it is impossible to edit texts afterwards. We need something simple and easy-to-use built-in Figma.

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Pllllleeeaseee make it happen.

begging here

So did this ever happen?

Not yet :disappointed: We’re still waiting unfortunately

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