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Faster resizing and alignment of multiple objects! (Like Sketch)

  1. We need a way to align more than one object to their parent.
    ->After selecting all the objects, click the alignment icon with pressing the keyboard (e.g., option key) to align within parent object.

  2. A way to adjust the size of an object to a percentage of the parent frame. (For example, a method of adjusting a current object to 70% of a parent frame)
    ->When entering a size in the attribute panel, how about entering a character (‘p of person’) like “50%p”?

  3. When I type the size of an object, if I put a letter at the last(e.g., C ‘Center’), t(top), b(bottom), r(right), l(left), etc.), I would like to expect the object is going to be resized based on that.

In fact, these are possible in Sketch. If this is possible in Figma as well, Figma will be a more complete tool. I’m looking forward to it.

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Did you check Automater plugin?

It may resolve your 1st issue, and i’ll work on resolving the rest in future updates.

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