Extremely poor performance on macOS Ventura

I’m testing Figma on the new macOS Ventura on my M1 Ultra Mac Studio, and the performance is extremely poor in the app (both Beta 1 and 2). Moving a frame lags around 0.5 to nearly 1s. Opening the same documents on a Windows machine is significantly more responsive, and the situation would improve if I switch back to an older Monterey machine (the resource use panel shows the same data on all the machine). Is the Figma engineers addressing this issue or is this an Apple’s problem?

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I wouldn’t say “extremely poor” but the Figma desktop (116.4.2) app seems a bit sluggish for me after upgrading to Ventura — macOS 13.0 (22A380).

Perhaps to be address soon as Figma Beta ( 116.5.14) feels like it might be better — but I’ve not tested extensively yet.

Hello! We’re not aware of any performance issues on Ventura, but I’ll do some digging. Meanwhile, Clyde, can you confirm that you aren’t running the app under Rosetta? This can often happen if you upgrade from an Intel mac to an M1 and transfer your files over versus doing a clean install.

Hello! It seems that after upgrading to macOS Ventura Double-clicking is not working in case of attempting to edit regular text, frame name, component name. And going from top-level frame to nested frames by clicking does not work either.