Extracting component from another component problem

How can I extract component from another component and don’t lose override in instances?

For example, I created a ListItem component with two text layers inside. I created instances of this component and changed the value of text layers. Later I decided to create MenuItem component and extract text layers in ListItem into separate component because I needed the same logic in my MenuItem. When I extracted text layers into separate component I crashed ListItem instances and lost all value in text layers.

Is there any way how can I do this manipulations and don’t crash instances?

Hi @Mikhail_Slizh ,
I suggest you to try to “detach the instance”, then create as new component.
You can find more information here: Detach an instance from a component

And additionnal information to preserve overrides : here

Hope that helps! (If you are still running into issues, you can also ask to our support by filling a ticket : here )