External javascript call

hey all - total noob here
im not even sure how to phrase the search!!

ok so im loving the design aspects of figma
ive also started prototyping stuff out

now my client wants me to add confetti when i push a button
i already found a great js lib that does this already here:

can someone tell me how use the external lib in my prototype
would it be thru a widget or a plugin or just somewhere in a frame
(like i said - total noob)
is it API?
if API can you just give me a hint
as to what commands i should be looking at?

thanks all
loving the fig

You can’t include JS in Figma.
To achieve the desired result, you have two ways:

  1. Create this effect manually in Figma. You can see an example here: Confetti Animation w/ Youtube Tutorial | Figma Community;
  2. Give your design to developers to create a site and implement this feature.

hey tank thx for the reply
again as a noob i dont really know much
but it seems that if there are things such as plugins that can read internal js
or that figma is very much like react
that there should be way

even if its copying and pasting the lib into a plugin…

no answers here - just thoughts…

ps thank you for confetti link
that may have a pathway to a solution for my question