Expression Based Variables

I’d like to be able to enter equations referencing other existing variables as the value of another variable.


x = y * 100

You’re able to set variables with expressions with an interaction, but having the variable with that information built in isn’t currently possible as far as I’m able to tell. Anytime I reference another variable I can’t add anything else to it without breaking the link.


I agree this would be great!

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Absolutely needed. Designing fully a scalable UI isn’t really possible so developers need to come up with their own ratios. This has lead to many implementations that aren’t exactly according to spec.
If you could just say that, e.g., an element width is 40% of the frame width, which can now thankfully be from a variable, you can just design the spec into the plan directly.

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Duplicate of Using expression as a variable's value ?

Let’s centralize the upvotes.

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Thanks! it got added to that thread on one of the comments and I upvoted that thread.

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