Exported .pngs from Figma render with artefacts in Unity

When I export from Figma to .png, then try to bring them into Unity, the results often contain artefacts.

This is mostly when I export things with glows + drop shadows.

If I build the exact same UI elements in Adobe Illustrator, the .png exports perfectly.

(Will post images once I have access to my PC)

Ay, I am facing the same problems. But funnily, I tried to post my design on Instagram. At first, I thought JPEG was causing artifacts because I looked at the original export; it does have artifacts. So I change to PNG. Great, no problem, no artifacts shown. But when I upload it, boom, artifacts.

I’m curious. This is my first two weeks designing using Figma for my Instagram business account. Usually, I use Adobe Illustrator.

Instagram, like any other social platform, compresses images and stores them as jpg. And this seems to be completely unrelated to the Unity problem in the original topic.

Did you try specifying the alpha channel premultiplication settings on Unity while importing?

Yes, I am aware of the compression. For my case, I am adding a noise effect to do the trick.