Export for WPF XAML

Any way to export UI design made in Figma to XAML (for Visual Studio WPF) ?
Anyone found a way?

Thank you in advance with any help!

Kind regards


Surprised that there is no export to XAML. It would be very useful (WPF, Microsoft Blend, NoesisGUI, etc). Are there any plans for it?

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Perhaps this plugin can be useful for your purposes:

It has limited functionality, but it’s better than nothing.

Hi Mario,

I came across your comment and though it has been some time, I wanted to share a plugin that might be of interest to you for Figma to XAML.

Uno Platform’s for Figma plugin lets you generate responsive XAML from your Figma designs. The plugin also lets you preview and interact with your design before export.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Is there a way to export designs to WPF XAML with all the relevant components?
I’ve tried various plugins and various ways including “Figma2xaml” and “Uno Platform (Figma to C# or XAML)”
but didn’t find something that will convert the design into WPF XAML components and not into a drawing like canvas or geometry group.
The Uno Platform plugin is great but I can’t use Uno’s libraries in WPF…

Does someone know how to convert to WPF XAML with all the components?

Hey All, thanks for your feedback and sorry for the lack of acknowledgement!

At the moment, we do not support exporting for WPF XAML, but I’ve updated this topic into a feature request. We’ll pass this feedback onto the team for future consideration and use your Votes to gauge the overall interest from the community.